SRCA Studio Rovida Commercialisti Associati

Genova - Milano

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  • Corporate Consulting

    SRCA-Studio Rovida Commercialisti Associati offers consulting regarding legal issues, regulatory compliance, and sound corporate practice. Studio Rovida provides assistance to its clients in the steps leading to incorporation, the establishment of branch offices or agencies, and corporate deliberations and resolutions both simple and complex, including with regard to contracts and the compliance issues that are part of the normal course of corporate management.
  • General Business and Financial Consulting

    SRCA-Studio Rovida Commercialisti Associati provides business and financial consulting to our clients throughout the life of their businesses. We are there from the initial definition of a business project and analyses of tax and financial considerations through to the development of the business and the establishment of financial, organizational, accounting, legal, and operational control systems. We are present in the event that a business decides to wind up its activities, including providing the required verifications of legal compliance and adherence to proper economic principles. Studio Rovida is available when business and corporate transactions become complex, such as in the case of mergers, acquisitions, spin outs, demergers, and transfers, and we offer analyses of company structure, tax exposure, and the financial issues that are unique to our clients’ specific business needs.
  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Tax issues in International Business Relationship

    SRCA-Studio Rovida Commercialisti Associati provides assistance in international tax law, concerning ourselves both with direct taxation and VAT issues and with indirect tax obligations. Our goal is to provide integrated solutions in international tax planning that are in full accordance with the laws and tax regulations of various countries and which optimize the opportunities offered by their individual legislative frameworks
  • Tax Consulting for Businesses

    SRCA-Studio Rovida Commercialisti Associati provides its clients with a complete range of tax consulting services and guarantees ongoing support for tax-related issues from problem solving to representing its client companies before tax commissions or administrative bodies in the event of disputes or litigation.
  • Corporate finance and Mergers & Acquisitions

    SRCA-Studio Rovida Commercialisti Associati is especially attentive to company finances in such complex operations as mergers, acquisitions, transfers, spin outs, and demergers and is able to recommend tools for the smoothest and most profitable development of the structure of each individual business within its specific areas of focus.
  • Audits

    SRCA-Studio Rovida Commercialisti Associati carries out voluntary internal audits in order to provide our business clients with balance sheet certifications. Studio Rovida’s partners and staff members are all members of the Italian National Registry of Auditors.
  • Management and processing of Accounting data

    SRCA-Studio Rovida Commercialisti Associati provides management, entry, processing, and storage of accounting data and corporate documents through our partnership with the highly qualified personnel of our “sister” company, RZR Associati S.r.l. The Studio also provides consulting to clients who manage their document and accounting-data-management systems internally in order to ensure the proper preparation of budgets and financial statements in keeping with local and national tax regulations and sound accounting principles.
  • Private Consulting

    SRCA-Studio Rovida Commercialisti Associati is available for consulting to private clients, and designs and implements strategies, established in concert with its clients, that include preparation and filing of individual income-tax documents (Italian Form UNICO, Form 730).
  • Training

    SRCA-Studio Rovida Commercialisti Associati organizes seminars and training courses at our clients’ offices. Our trainings are customized according to the needs of each firm’s management and staff and are intended to provide the latest information regarding legal and regulatory changes of concern to business as well as to teach specific issues in management, accounting, and taxation.